Mastering is both an art and science and is the essential step to transform an artistic piece into a professional product.
If you want to make a break in the music industry, you need a track that can be played both in a club and on any other sound device. This is why mastering is so important. It involves mixing with a focus on quality, resolution, analogue warmth and volume, respecting the artist's sound contest without changing its essence.
If you want to send your files for Mastering please follow these specifications:
The files must have a resolution of 24 bits and a sample rate of preferably 44,100 Hz. Higher sample rates (48,000 Hz/96,000 Hz) are accepted. It is important not to change the resolution values of the project during export: so if you use a resolution of 16 bits, you should send the file at 16 bits rather than export it at 24.
The maximum peak of each file should not exceed -6/-3 dB, in order to ensure sufficient headroom for the mastering stage.
Please also make sure that there are no compressors or limiters on the Master channel of your Audio Midi Sequencer and that there are no active Normalizers during the export stage, as these can alter the original dynamics of the song.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering utilizes up to 8 groups containing the main parts of the song (e.g. I Kick Group, II Bass Group, III Groove Group, IV Synth+Vox Group, V Efx Group etc.) that form a balanced mix (for technical specifications, refer to the Mastering section). In this way you can improve the end result of the same mixdown before proceeding with the final phase of Mastering.


Balanced and dynamic mixing is the first step towards mastering the best quality in sound.
Decode Mixing service gives the artist the opportunity to mix in an environment with Class A analogue outboard gear together with a Sound Engineer specialized in your music genre.
It is advisable to send us all the individual tracks making up your musical project (for technical specifications, refer to the Mastering section). Any further useful information will be provided by our Engineers on the basis of the specific project (e.g. export of group channels, effect channels, compressions and equalizations) to help you reach the best mixing results.

Song Finalizing and Arrangement

A song is a combination of many musical elements, and the purpose of the Song Finalizing and Arrangement Service is to assess the initial idea of the artist and then develop it at its best.
By means of editing, arrangement, high-end sound design techniques and a large collection of musical instruments we help you create a project ready for the stages of mixing and mastering.

Sound Design

Creating sounds and timbres with strong personality in various genres is the challenge of modern music. The Sound Design Service provides melodic and rhythmic sounds using analogue and/or digital systems or processing acoustic sources, which are released in both audio and Sample format for various platforms like Ableton, Kontakt and Virtual Instruments.


Audio restoration is the work we do at Decode Studio on vintage media such as LPs, music cassettes and recordings, to restore quality by removing imperfections like clicking, crackling, humming and noise.

Vinyl Cutting/Duplates/Pressing Plant

Vinyl Cutting is the process that determines the final sound of the vinyl when pressed.
We have collaborated with a well-known expert in vinyl cutting for some years now to optimize mastering techniques and to ensure perfect cutting, with the best compromise between volume, dynamics and quality.
If, after the mastering session, you wish to hear the result directly on vinyl, the Duplates service copies the audio file to a 140/180 gr, or 10"/12" vinyl record.

Technical Advice

A music set-up involves many choices and compromises and the assessment of an infinite number of technical, software-related and, of course, financial variables.
Decode Studio offers valuable advice on digital media (Workstation, DAW, VST), hardware and analogue material, and on the various issues the modern artist may encounter during production and live performances.
We also offer assistance in the setting up of recording/production studios and the design of acoustic treatment for professional studios and home recording.

Label Management

Expertise in different areas of communication is necessary to manage a record label.
As a Label Management service we offer all the experience required to devise and develop a label: from the Concept to the development of an identity - a logo, website, merchandising etc. - to promotion, distribution and printing in various formats (vinyl, cassette, CD, mp3).

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